How do you think African Youths will differ from their Parents 20 years from now?

In 20 years I think there will be some obvious changes.

And the simple reason for this is the new found access to information that were not available to our parents.

Historically, African children are raised to respect and follow religion, tradition, and authority (in that order) without questioning notwithstanding how ridiculous. The result are people with a simplistic worldview that did not often reflect the reality of the day

Until recently, it’s a common believe among many Africans that a certain tree, bird, river etc is responsible for their success and misfortune. While many still believe in the above we are beginning to see people questioning the soundness of it.

I posit that Africa will become the force to reckon with when we can make a clear distinction between religion, reason and tradition. Allow tradition to guide us, let reason lead us and religion comfort us.

We are not there yet but the current youths are dangerously getting closer and closer by the day.



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