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Frequently asked questions

What is Scalerites?

Scalerites is the cheapest and the fastest means of growing and monetizing ideas. The platform was designed to get entrepreneurs to the marketplace the right way with a fraction of money, time and stress. Since 2018, thousands of startups have leveraged on the knowhow of scalerites to grow and scale their business the right way.

What is Scalerites Standard Plan?

It is the basic plan with enough features to get your idea to the marketplace and start generating traction.

What is Scalerites Professional Plan?

This plan is ideal if you are planning to pitch investors in 3 months and need real world data rather than unproved internet assumptions. If you have more than one founder, you should absolutely consider this plan. Professional Plan subscribers enjoys two weeks free marketing campaign worth over #500,000 in value.

What is Scalerites Enterprise Plan?

Scalerites enterprise plan is ideal for businesses that requires a more personalized service. The plan is loaded with features that will make your business stand out from inception and give it a better chance of achieving its corporate objectives swiftly. Scalerites enterprise plan come with free 1 month marketing campaign worth 1M in value.

How can I buy a plan?


  1. Select  and click  “Purchase Plan” of your choice on the service page
  2. Send a one sentence overview of the project in the next page using the contact form.
  3. A consultant will reach out to you using the information you provide and set your project in motion.


4. You can bypass the above process if you make use of the call icon or chat with our customer agent.

Can Scalerites Help Me Raise fund?

Depending on the stage of development, business model and the market size, scalerites connect exciting project with strong traction to local and foreign investors.

How can I contact scalerites?

You can call us right away by taping on the call icon at the top right corner of our home page, alternatively, you can reach us through any of our contact forms.

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